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America’s New Favorite Nut

Posted by The Editors, FoodPolicy.US

Americans may have a new favorite nut. Domestic almond consumption has grown by more than 220 percent since just 2005 – much faster than demand for pecans, walnuts, macadamias, or cashews. As of 2012, demand for almonds has even surpassed that of the beloved peanut. The Washington Post reports that this almond craze could be due in part to a lower levels of meat consumption, which research firm Packaged Facts reports have been steadily declining for almost a decade. Additionally, the recent rise in American vegetarianism and veganism (now constituting more than 3 perc… Read More+

Ramifications of Food Ban within Russia

Posted by Hailey Vogel, FoodPolicy.US

The effects of Russia’s ban on food imports from the US, EU, and elsewhere is already being noticed within Russia. Grocery stores throughout Moscow boast empty shelves due to panic stricken residents stocking up on bulk food purchases. Across the nation, Russians are facing food shortages and price spikes for basic items ranging from fish to fruit. Nonetheless, the ban has drawn a fair amount of domestic support from proponents who believe it will incite the nation to expand and fortify its food industry. Still, not everyone is so optimistic. There is serious doubt that local … Read More+

Shedding Light on “Going Organic”

Posted by Hailey Vogel, FoodPolicy.US

Maria Rodale is Chairman and CEO of Rodale Inc. – the world's largest independent publishing company of health and wellness books and magazines. In an interview with the LA Times, Rodale stresses the ease and importance of eating organic. She explains how organic food is not only healthier for… Read More+