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FoodTalks with FoodCorps: Stephanie Lip discusses School Cooks as Rock Stars

Posted by FoodTalks, FoodCorps

FoodCorps — a team of AmeriCorps leaders that brings the farm to school in 15 states around the country — convened this April in Austin, Texas as part of the National Farm to School Network's National Farm to Cafeteria Conference. At the conference they shared FoodTalks, an evening of stories about farm to school in action. Seven service members and one alum speaker gave short, engrossing talks about what motivates them to serve, and how they know they are succeeding. When Stephanie Lip finished culinary school, the only career path she imagined was one in re… Read More+

Selling Greens to Kids is a Billion Dollar Industry (Or Why We Should Act Like it is)

Posted by Leah Korger, Food Corps

I lead a double life. I sneak around, carrying an extra set of clothing, ducking around corners and changing in bathrooms. I find myself saying things I normally wouldn’t, spinning elaborate stories to cover my tracks, and denying my everyday identity.  It takes a lot to maintain my cover and sometimes people see through it, especially Preschoolers. What most people know about me is that I’m a FoodCorps Service Member – I connect kids in the Norwich Public School System to real food to help them grow up healthy. I spend my days turning students into chefs and farmers an… Read More+