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DC's new waste water treatment plant to produce organic fertilizer

Posted by Michael Errico, FoodPolicy.US

An innovative waste water treatment plant will soon be coming online in Washington, DC's southwest quadrant. The plant, operated by D.C. Water, will utilize Norway's Cambi system to create electricity and certified organic fertilizer from liquid and solid waste vis-à-vis thermal hydrolysis. While this will be more environmentally-friendly than existing local operations, the plant will still release carbon into the atmosphere due to its turbines running on pressurized methane (made from collective waste). Additionally, engineers will need to mitigate risks of explosion, whic… Read More+

Water Stress and Agriculture in Kenya

Posted by The Editors, FoodPolicy.US

With 75% of Kenya's labor force devoted to agriculture in a semi-arid climate, further warming of the region will lead to increased stress on its water resources. Some call for irrigation as a solution, since only 1.7% of the total land area under agriculture is utilizing this technology. Despite initial concerns about where that water might come from, new studies demonstrate that Kenya will have access to plenty of water for two reasons: (1) a Japanese-funded UNESCO project has discovered two major aquifers to tap; and (2) most climate change models show a national increase in precipitation o… Read More+

Earth Day Festival at U.S. Botanic Garden

Posted by The Editors, FoodPolicy.US

As Earth Day approaches, we ought to consider again how our food and agriculture choices impact the environment, and how we can collectively help to mitigate climate change, water pollution, and chronic disease. By choosing local/regional, seasonal, and organic produce, we can cut carbon and synthet… Read More+